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PC/MAC Servicing, Repair and Upgrades

We can....

With over 16 years experience of fixing hardware and software problems on Windows and MAC operating system, you can rest assured we've 'seen it all'.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a home user, a business user working from home, or your computer is located in your office we can help.

Free estimates on ALL repairs.

Here are just some of the problems we can help with:

  • Your printer not working? Call us anytime.
  • Your wifi signal weak or not functioning? Call us anytime.
  • Your broadband gone down? Call us anytime.
  • Your computer is slow or not booting? Call us anytime.
  • You need data recovering from a faulty hard drive? Call us anytime.
  • Your PC need upgrading its operating system or RAM? Call us anytime.
  • You need a particular Windows program supplying and/or installing (eg. Office, Photoshop)? Call us anytime.

These are just a sample of the issues we can correct, why not contact us and see how we can help.

Need your PC upgrading?

  • Free estimates on all upgrades
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Hard Drive upgrade
  • CPU Processor upgrade
  • Additional Cards such as sound, graphics etc
  • Bigger Monitors

We can fully upgrade your PC*

Custom Built Computers

Built with you in mind

We will build you a custom designed and built PC, with modern components, completely tailored to your individual style or budget. 

Don't have the normal everyday PC have a PC that is uniquely yours.

Individual by Design

The design and build process, completely involves the end user, you get to choose every little detail about how your PC looks and performs. 

Visual Effects

Your PC can be equipped with LED lights, water cooling and many more effects.

Click the Pinterest below for ideas. ↓


PC Security and Virus removal

PC security

These days Computers, be it Windows or Mac, are susceptible to being compromised by a whole range of different ways.

New viruses are being written all the time and its VERY important that your PC be fully protected.

For this reason Fusion Computers will do a free full health check and vulnerability test of your PC, if you decide to go ahead with any repairs or upgrades.

Security advice

Our engineers will advise you on the best practices to adopt when using your PC online. Windows XP and Windows Vista is NO longer recommended for online use, due to the vulnerability of the operating systems, as Microsoft no longer supports these OSs.

Virus/Malware Removal

If you think you have a virus then we can help. Call us for easy and in most cases quick vaccination. 

Mobile device repair

Laptop screen replacement service

If your laptops screen in smashed or simply cracked we can replace it for a very competitive fee, typically within a 24hr period (assuming the correct screen is in stock).

Phone or Tablet screen repalcement service

If your mobile phone or tablet device's screen is damaged or completely smashed, we can replace the screen for a fee way below the cost of a new device.

If your device is smashed then for the time being fit a screen protector, as this will stop shards of glass getting in your finger.

Mobile device data retrival service

If your mobile phone or tablet device is broken beyond repair but you need to retrieve the data from it, we can help. 

We use sophisticated hardware and software to extract the data from the device. 


Business IT

IT Maintenance contracts

To discuss maintenance contracts for your business please call us on 01792 346240, email or use the contact form in the contact section.

Whether your a small business with 2 or more computers, or a larger business with multiple stations, we can help.

Remote Monitoring

We offer remote monitoring of your systems to allow issues to be highlighted quickly.

Please call or email for a quote of your systems.

We will come to your business premises and do a site survey and provide a quote for services.